Where to find referrals and partners?

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This, of course, is not a new topic, but at the same time, it is by far not the last one on the list, frankly speaking. Many are interested in increasing their incomes in all directions, including all partner programs , which today provides users of the Internet.

Personally, I think that there is no shameful use of partner programs. This is a legitimate way to reward your work, and you do not need to impose anything on anyone and do not need to agitate anyone.

Another thing is how to use all the tools provided by the Internet. I am absolutely against any automated spam and in general use of all kinds of e-mail databases and so on.

In my opinion, you just need to be interesting about all the opportunities to talk and patiently explain to those who do not know how it’s possible to arrange this whole thing. People themselves will gradually find out about you and they will reach out to you.

In addition, at the initial stage, you can use some resources that will help you in acquiring your affiliate audience. Today I will give you 5 such services. With pleasure I will answer questions on them, if any.




1. Adsapien.co
2. Easyhits4u.com
3. Infinitytrafficboost.com
4. Leadsleap.com
5. Livesurf.ru
6. Mellowads.com
7. Rotate4all.com
8. Websurf.ru

Apsense.com – traffic exchange service of popular website Apsense

Eaglewok.com – a traffic exchange service from MultiCoinFaucet. Manual and Auto surfing are possible here.

Easyhits4u.com – this is one of the most “ancient” sites of this the profile that I’m using. This is the most popular service for manual surfing today, although I first met him when he was not. There are a lot of various functions and it is necessary to study them all in order to work effectively. This site has more than a million users, there is a language support in many languages. Here you can earn, and unwind and engage in other things.

Rotate4all.com – good service for earning and promotion as well.

Hit2hit.com – almost analogous to the previous site, but also a very effective tool in plan for promotion.

A-ads.com  – anonymous ad network on bitcoins.

Livesurf.ru  – in my list this resource goes in second place, but its functional and design is much more modern, and there are a lot of chips and options. A huge plus of this project is that it can work on autopilot. You just download a small program and it all starts up. But here, too, everything must be studied well, in order to use all the possibilities to the maximum.

Speedsurf.com – another resource from this “series”. He compares with the previous young, but the principle of his work is that

Bitcoinsurfing.com – manual auto surfing, which accepts payment in satsha, and credits for visiting sites. A day can visit up to 350 sites and in return receive the same amount, or with an increase in the level, even more visits to their projects.

Websurf.ru  – this is, perhaps, one of the most popular auto surfing. Here, too, a huge number of users and resources, so that you will notice – there is no doubt. WebSurf also has a separate program, downloading and installing which you can do everything automatically. This project is not “greedy”, it generously credits you for your sites, blogs, business cards, pages on social networks, etc.

Ebesucher.ru – another one of the mammoth surfing. As you can judge by its name, he comes from Germany, but gradually spread all over the world, unlike real mammoths. The project is not specific, you need to get used to its functionality, but you can also use it.

Jetswap.com – one of the “autosurfing monsters”, the most ancient, perhaps, of all the listed, the project. Very advanced functionality, with a huge number of different chips.

Webisida.com – is also one of the well-known services for promotion of various projects and attraction partners. He appeared on the Web later than the previous one, but was riled up and did not disappear, which already speaks volumes.

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