New Meaning Of AIRDROP

Well, friends, we can all congratulate us on a new word in the lexicon. The concept of airroads has already firmly entered, for the truth, only in the crypto-currency lexicon. But how to know what will happen to him next? After all, the very concepts of “bitkoyn” and “blockade” were once odd for the ear of the philistine, and now only talk about the “growth of the course of the crypto currency,” and “about new technologies in the detachment.”

In principle, you can put “aychio” in the same row with “airdrop”, but the last word does not yet get accustomed to in the Russian version and in most cases is written in Latin letters ICO, for which you have to do the transition on the keyboard.

This is a certain fraction of the amount collected by the campaign of the new ICO (something like a start-up in the crypto-currency world, if someone does not know).

That is, new projects are divided into new tokens (coins of future coins) for advertising purposes. The amounts are usually small, but there are also quite “fatty airdrops”.

In most cases, airdrops are caused by some simple actions, such as putting a kid, doing retweet and joining a group in Telegram. But there are, and very voluminous, which are more like whole advertising “bounty campaigns.” So just someone is trying to save money.

Sometimes airdrops are due to your rank on popular crypto-currency forums such as bitcointalk, bitcoingarden and some others. Then, depending on this rank itself, there will be a volume of tokens you receive.

If you carefully monitor all the airdrops, then you can collect the Crypto currency is not worse, or even much better than on cranes or bunks. But to follow all of them is extremely difficult, they appear literally for a couple of dozen daily, or even more.

There are several specialized sites and a Russian-language channel in Telegram where, by the way, not only information about airdrops is published, but also about other ways of getting tokens free of charge. But also it is necessary to follow it carefully as well, since the period of validity of air stations is limited.

It is not known how long this topic will last, but while it is working, and as the French say, “Pourquoi pas?”

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