It’s time to thoroughly understand those bounty programs that provide users with specially created for this business sites. This approach differs a little from all the proposals presented on the popular Bitcointalk forum. As you know, all projects listed there are listed and participation in them, as a rule, requires a certain level. On pages specially created for promotion of ICO-projects (and even separate sites) anyone can take part. But they also come across unscrupulous creators, organizers and even just scammers.

This list will include those campaigns that for some reason closed, did not pay, or were not at all bounty projects. The information from the main review page was simply transferred here, but the corresponding comments were added. After that, all the specified campaigns were excluded from the main list, so as not to make confusion there. — here, too, there are still 150 coins for registration, so you can participate. (Project closed) — It’s very suspicious that the interface has changed, it’s very similar all now on the usual Scheme HYIP) (The project was closed) — a coin for fans of ICO (Initial Coin Offering), that is , for those who are trying to closely monitor the appearance of new coins in the market. By registering on the link, you can earn yourself points by sharing information on social networks. And then turn these points into the tokens of this coin. in other words, this is the same bounty campaign from the new project. (Not  a Bounty) It’s on the bounty turned out, but generally some kind of muddy story. I contacted the project administrator (with great difficulty I got him on Facebook) and he explained that all these points that are credited for visits and invitations are needed in order to participate in the lottery. where every week is played out «1 ETH prize». I asked about where you can see the results of the lottery, to which the administrator reported that the winners are informed personally about the winnings on the mail. This is the story. — this project only offers a couple of coins (to whom as) free of charge, for the sake of promotion of your idea. And to untwist here is that. After all, the organizers offer to have a whole Swiss Bank in your pocket. I advise you to take a closer look at this site and after studying to study its proposals. There are many promising ideas and interesting chips. In addition, there is a chance that the coins received will be in price. It looks like it has smoothly turned into a sales partner for the company’s product and bounty of the coin has ceased to exist. If so, the information will be moved to the appropriate section. (Not a Bounty) — Coins were credited to the account, but in order to , in order to receive them, you have to refill the balance and buy at least 200 more coins. Tricky trick, of course, do not say anything. But this does not add to the reputation of the project. Unfortunately, in the end, the admin of the project yakovfabrizio in the end, disappeared along with all the bonuses, as well as with the means invested in the project. (Money is stolen)

Also, a separate list will be prepared for projects that have already closed, but have paid off the bonuses or fulfilled other obligations.

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