QoinPro – when the airdrops are over

Many people ask me a question about what to do when all these airdrops, distributions and ICO bonuses run out. I had an answer to this question from the very beginning, but before that I did not want to answer it, I wanted to plunge into the topic more to make sure the thoughts were right.

Now I’m convinced of this and ready to voice my opinion. The thing is that while I was working with all these campaigns to attract investments, which are popularly called “bounty” and other global phenomena in the world of crypto currency, a lot of topics and projects were drawn up that allow us to work successfully and increase our capital.

It is them that should be developed and for your convenience I will write more often about them reviews in a special section of  my website. Therefore, try not to lose sight of it, and also subscribe to the channel in Telegram https://t.me/coinsfree, where you will always find the latest information not only on airdrops and distributions, but also this kind of article.

So, today I want to remind you of the project believe me, it’s worth it. Therefore, immediately postpone it in bookmarks or in “Favorites”, and register in it. But do not forget about the key word “work” when we try to understand the topic.

Yes, friends, you need to work with such projects. What does it mean? It means telling about them, explaining how they are arranged, what they are paid for, how to get passive income, etc.

I, on my part, will try to make this very job more reliable and safe. for this I have to come into personal contact with the organizers of projects, check the time of their intentions and plans, carefully monitor news and changes in their teams, that is, do a lot of other work that you do not see. But in this case, and only with this approach to the matter, my recommendations may have weight.

After all, you will also invite someone to take part in the work, and this is already a big responsibility.

In principle, I have already written about this project many times, and you have a representation about it. This is a kind of “passive crane”, where you drip a variety of coins due to the fact that you develop the project, invite your friends into it, offer your ideas for its development.

It is to such projects that it is worth paying attention when the era of chaos in the crypto-currency world will pass, when a giant wave of a scam and minor tides of freebies will end.

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