My PR Laboratory

For a long time I have been asked to do this. For various reasons, I did not want to do this before, but finally I decided. It’s not even that “there is something to hide,” but to display as fully as possible all the tools that are in this kitchen.

But, for a start, I’ll explain why this whole kitchen is needed. If you plan to work on the Internet, promote various projects, participate in advertising campaigns, in a word – earn, then without this you just can not do.

Therefore, I consider it extremely useful, in this regard, to share experiences and to launch other users on my PR Kitchen. It is possible that they will not only visit the excursion, but also tell you about their tools, which you will later find useful.

So, I’ll start slowly. Later, of course, this page will be updated and supplemented. but already presented tools to date, there will be enough to create a complete picture.

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