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Today I start a new cycle of materials that will be dedicated only to those crypto-currency projects that offer registration or referral bonuses (or both) to their potential users.

And today the first such project will begin its journey through all my resources. and then we’ll see what happens.

My previous project on Flashmobs (now you can safely say about it) b very successful and according to various estimates, its participants managed to collect from 100 to 1000 dollars as the starting capital for the crypto-currency business.

So, we turn to the review of the first draft of the new series.

CoinStarter is a platform for launching ICO, that is, for the most popular, to date, events in the world of crypto-currencies. It was developed by Cornell Holloway and his team in 2017. Cornell realized that there was a definite need to simplify the ICO process for those who had new ideas, but lacked the technical skills to enter the crypto currency market with their offer of a coin or a token.

The project was launched in July 2017. It quickly became viral and within six weeks totaled more than 60,000 (sixty thousand) subscribers, all of whom showed an interest either in launching their own ICO, or in participating in the CoinStarter community for focus.

In just the last three months of our beta, the CoinStarter platform has more than 11,000 projects developed by the creators, and more than 2,000 have been sent pending approval by the CoinStarter team.

When the membership reached 80,000, CoinStarter took a strategic decision to launch its own ICO and use these funds to further develop the platform. CoinStarter developed a settlement solution that allows the platform to establish a stable deployment path and a game plan before continuing to grow. The CoinStarter team is aware of its potential and plans to expand its platform with ICO funds.

I am in this project, almost from the very beginning and I see in it serious prospects. And I’m going to spread the information about him on all the resources of my OL Kitchen. I hope that you will also be interested in participating in it.

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