Crypto People are welcome

Dear readers! I want to invite you to my new project, that is called CryptoPR. In order not to tell much I will give you now the dscription of CryptPR group in Facebook, where we will start from.

So, here it is.

“The place where meet people interested in Crypto PR with people understanding what is that and how does it work.

That means: CryptoCreators, Cryptodevelopers and CryptoPromoters are welcome to chat, to solve some issues, to present new ideas, to find new team members, to get mutual profit etc.”

Sure I want to add much more to that, but clearly undestand, that I am overwhelmed by emotions, and can not be enough adequate))

So, that is why, I will just show you the first post of the group, and than give you the link to join.

“Hi, guys! You are welcome) Last years I have dealt with so many crypto people, that finally came to this conclusion. All of you must have some place to communicate directly.

I mean CryptoCreators, Cryptodevelopers and CryptoPromoters should chat, solve some issues, present new ideas, find new team members, get mutual profit and so on.

So you are welcome to do it here and not only by means of my private messages, if the deal is worth of that.”

The last thing i have to do is to give you the link. Here it is, you may join it now –

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