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I will not describe today what is happening on the crypto-currency market. Most of those reading this line and so in the course, and the rest of this may or may not be necessary. I want to tell you today about a site that can be compared to a hardworking horse, doing its work, regardless of what is happening around.

It’s no secret that most of the faucets and buxes today took advantage of the situation and simply moved into the category of scams. Some stopped paying without any explanation. Others have left the same minimal earnings as before, which today can easily be called directly and honestly by one suitable word – the scam. Since in a situation where 5-7 satoshis are given for visiting a faucet or a bux, and the minimum withdrawal amount is 20-50 or even 100 thousand, it is nothing else, friends, like the most natural scam. Do not waste your time and run away from these resources. For your time is much more expensive. And those faucet owners who leave the minimum threshold the same, even do not expect that this focus will pass them.

Despite the fact that the situation with faucets and buxes has become a naked affair, it should be noted that in the profile market there are still a few resources that are trying to do something.

First of all, kind words deserve faucets of the Coinpot group, about which I have already written many times and several other services that can be found on my site, in the section CryptoWorld.

This, of course, is amazing, but even among the buxes there are those that keep afloat and do not frighten users with reports of insufficient funds and other blunt excuses.

One of the sites that deserve kind words is the adBTC bux, which regularly works and conscientiously pays money to those who help to earn it.

Especially I want to mention a fairly simple functional of this resource. We all know about what tricks the owners of faucets and buxes do that they do not want to pay. On one of the popular rotators there are even 5 (!!!) categories of complexity of passing the captcha and getting those tiny sums that still manage to be obtained by beginners its way into CryptoWorld users.

On adBTC, everything is extremely simple – clicked, looked, got. You should agree, today it has become just a luxury and literally the resources are working in this mode.

I think that they deserve our attention, our visit and our time. All the rest of the rubbish should just disappear from the crypto-currency world, and the owners of the cunning faucets can already prepare to go to the plant, where I hope the robots will do the same to them as they do now.

Earlier I could easily advise a novice or a teenager to start their journey with faucets and buxes, now I’m doing this very carefully. And if I recommend starting with something, then it is from such sites as adBTC and to him similar.

Yes, you can, of course, only complain that even here the minimum withdrawal has been raised from 15,000 to 20, but nevertheless, even this amount is quite possible to earn here.

In short, if you do not already know what adBTC is, then go to this link or immediately go to our channel in Telegram, where a huge number of other options, how to get the crypto currency for free or, more precisely, for the time spent on them.

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