All Shit of Crypto World

The Internet is a very small place. Only novice users think that it has vast expanses and it’s very easy to get lost in them. But over time, there is experience and knowledge, and, of course, an understanding of what is really happening here.

As in any house, even virtual, there is a lot of shit. Classify it is a thankless task, but necessary. And nowhere you can not get by.

My current task is facilitated only by the fact that I will concentrate only on the shit of Crypto World. And no matter how I dragged this case, I still have to deal with it. Therefore, proceed to raking.

Yesterday I was given one link, only one address, where the etherium flows, which is taken from inexperienced users by phishing. The picture, as they say, is not for the faint-hearted, nevertheless, I’ll show it to you.


All that you see on this screenshot is the result of the fact that people during the airdrops and hands indicate their private key, instead of the public key. By mistake or, which happens much more often, at the “request” of the organizers of the action.

And this is just one such address. And just one kind of scam, which scammers resort to.

During the ICO boom, I had to deal with many others. briefly tell about them.

One day I received a letter “from the purse of the etherium,” asking for something to clarify or something to do there. The request was completely stupid, and from the very “Vitalik Buterina”, which also alerted. For Vitalik, in the worst nightmare, will not even write to Putin personally. And at best, as is known, will meet with him.

Therefore, I looked more attentively at the domain address from which the letter was sent and saw that one letter (!!!) just one letter from myetherwallet was, most likely, taken from another alphabet, although outwardly the address was very similar to the real one.

Naturally, I did not undertake any actions. But it is possible that someone has fallen for this bait.

But I myself fell for another. It was on Stimite. I withdrew money from the account and missed just one letter (!!!) in the address to which I had to redirect the transaction. Sometimes it happens, and not because I made a mistake, but because at this time there were some updates in the wallet. And the keyboard does not always work on every typed letter at this moment.

As a result, the money went to another account. On the account of a spider-phisher who made a bunch of fake accounts on Steam with one mistake in the addresses of all sorts of exchangers, exchanges and other services to which money is transferred.

There were other cases, including hacking mail, for example. But the hacker who climbed to me from the address was quite surprised, since he could not find large sums anywhere, at the addresses he managed to get to.

The reason is simple. These huge sums simply do not exist, and if there are any kopecks, they are scattered over hundreds of addresses (diversification is an important thing in our business) and he would simply have gone mad if he had visited all these addresses. And besides, let’s not forget about two-factor verification and other security measures.

By the way, taking this opportunity, I want to remind all readers – do not be lazy to spend time on security, so that you do not get disappointed.

There are, of course, many other ways to withdraw money from honest citizens, that is, we have with you. We will, of course, talk about them and report them. I just really hope for your help in this matter, friends.

But now I wanted to talk about something else. All the cases I described above are direct crime. But there is still a lot of other shit, which I have to figure out today, no matter how hard it is to tune in to it.

Today, I will deal with ICO and bounty projects that “like campaigning,” as if with our help, “attracted a large number of referrals,” earned very large amounts of money, but then safely forgot about those who helped them. Or they just closed their projects without explanation, after they received all the money. such section also is with us.

Of course, this is an extremely difficult matter. But I will not analyze all the projects, but I will focus only on those that are listed on our website in the section “All ICO Bonuses”, where it is indicated that they promised these projects before they started their campaigns.

About how much they promised coins for referrals, how much and what they offered for registration, etc. That is, we’ll just go through the list, so that those who are just planning to start something like that understood that this show will not be endless.

I do not know on which site you will read this article. But if you have something to say or clarify, then click on the Levelnaut website (just enter this name in the search and immediately get to the right place) or on the channel in Tegram, where we share information on interesting offers on earnings of crypto currency and getting bonuses from various projects.

The channel will periodically publish reports on the work done, and on the Levelnaut website, in the comments, you can tell about your cases, and about those projects that you participated in.

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