Cryptocurrency and concentration

I now clearly understand those people who are not in a hurry to go into Crypto World and in it the storm of chaos that has now played out in earnest will abate.

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Understand all this is extremely difficult – so much all new, interesting and unexpected! So many opportunities and options are available for the promotion of ideas, projects, and even himself.

At the same time, as in any troubled water, in the world of cryptocurrency, there are a lot of scammers that are just waiting until you open your mouth.

At this very moment, it is very important to concentrate, understand exactly what you are looking for, what you want to develop and what to do in the Crypto World.

Otherwise, all these faucets, buxes, airdrops, giveaways, ICO, bounties and other attractions, which skittles use skillfully, will be tightened up.

Do a few simple things.

1. Check that you are wasting your time. Who and what devours it? After all, whatever you do and what you do not do, remember – life is one. And even if it succeeds in seriously prolonging it (and why should you earn a crypto currency?), Then it can not be meaningful to spend it on clicks on some site?

2. Look at what happens in your bookmarks on your computer. What exactly did you start saving lately? On which sites do you spend most hours and minutes? Do they deserve it?

3. If you have already entered the cryptocurrency world and started to do something in it, then try to answer briefly the question about what exactly you are doing here and plan to do. I’m not talking about exactly what projects or coins, but at least by what areas of activity?

4. Pay attention to those who surround you. Did you start by accidentally taking time to communicate with loved ones in favor of what is not clear? Is it really beneficial? Will this help you and him? Are you absolutely sure of this?

I understand that sometimes it is difficult to answer these questions. But you can not ask them either. And the answers to them will not only help you personally, but also the entire crypto-currency world – to end the chaos sooner.

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