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Today you can still find on the web a user who does not know or heard about Stimit or Golos projects, but soon there will not be, perhaps, such. The popularity of these sites is growing and more and more new users prefer to share content not for replenishing the pocket of Mark Zuckerberg, but for their own.

If we talk at all about what gives today the opportunity to earn a crypto currency, then it makes sense to mention unless Stock Exchanges and cloud mining services (not to be confused with pseudo-cloud mining!). In connection with the growing value of crypto currency, many traditional sources, such as faucets and buxes, become irrelevant.

But there is a new direction that has become very popular lately: crypto-social networks with its huge potential.

And if, as I have already said about Steam and Voice, many people know about other projects, few people have heard. Today, in my PR kitchen, the social network BitLanders and I want to mention a few important points.

First, BitLanders is a very high quality and externally attractive site, it has excellent graphics, the benefit of the creator of the project Francesco Rulli had to do with animation and understands it in it.

Secondly, the functional of this social network is very convenient and practical. Do not need to do unnecessary movements in order to start work or to communicate.

Thirdly, here there are several opportunities for earning, and pay here for blogging, and for microblogging (short messages like on Twitter), and even just for photos.

Fourthly, the project is growing simply with cosmic speed, so the prospects for it are simply remarkable, and given the rather serious work of the team, it has all chances to become a market leader.

There are many other advantages and interesting moments here, but you will learn about them yourself. To do this, go to BitLanders and register in the project.

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