Why crypto networks?

Why crypt networks in the near future will be given preference to very many Internet users? At first glance, the answer is obvious: because in addition to the usual communication there is the possibility of obtaining a crypto currency for the usual exchange of information. and the same Mark Zuckerberg will probably shoot himself a bullet in the forehead, than he will decide to share profits with users.

But in fact, there are several other reasons and today we will try to identify some of them.

The first reason. Yes, they pay in crypto-currency networks. They pay for practically the same actions for which they do not pay in usual social networks – for exchanging information, for publishing photos and videos, for interesting content, etc. And if an ordinary person has a choice – to share information that has been spent time and money for nothing, or get money for it, then naturally, he will choose the second.

The second reason. Time for communication is getting smaller. Moreover, it is becoming more valuable. And if you already want to take your soul off, just wander, read and look through it, it’s better to do it in the place that it makes sense to develop. And then – see the first point.

The third reason. Today, everyone enters the crypto-currency networks: those who are simply interested in bitkoyn, for example, and those who already have any coins. And in the old “free” social networks are unlikely to come those who are now actively working with the crypto currency.

The reason is the fourth. As a rule, new crypto social networks are decentralized projects. And although in some cases they are trying to establish control over them, in general, they are more promising, from the point of view of expressing one’s opinion.

The reason is the fifth. Crypto-currency social networks are very interesting for beginners, that is, for those people who make only their first steps in a technology based on the technology of the world. The fact is that recently there are less and less popular popular at the very beginning of other ways of obtaining coins – work on faucets and buxes. Even a powerful wave of airdrops and other distributions is gradually coming to naught, fewer people believe in them, too many scammers have appeared in this market.

On the other hand, it is enough to look at the huge number of completely new projects that position themselves as social networks of the future crypto-currency world. That is why it makes sense today to pay more attention to this direction.

A complete list of current and beginning to work in the near future, crypto-social networks, you can find here https://levelnaut.com/2017/12/19/cryptocurrency-social-networks-list/ as well as get help in promoting them.

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