Crypto Networks – What They Are?

Not thinking over too much I called this article “what kind of crypto networks are” as I suppose that this request will soon be one of the most popular in the search engines. It would be nice to expand this material, add and bolster ratings. Therefore, we will not focus on the semantic core, but focus on the sense, then with the cores everything will be fine.

So, first of all, it is necessary to determine what exactly cryptsets are in their essence and formulate their definitions. Then the ratings will be easier, and the criteria, statistics and reviews will only more clearly paint the picture.

In my opinion, already today there are at least several types of crypto-currency social networks. In short, this one is:

  • pay for user activity in the crypto currency and use the technology of blogging;
    (Steemit, Golos, Busy, Steepshot, Nimses etc.)
  • pay for the activity of users with internal virtual coins or tokens, while they do not use (at the moment) block technologies;
    (Bitlanders, Coinpole, CoinSNS, Zonto, ContyNet etc.)
  • networks, which were initially focused on maintaining a specific crypto currency, that is, they are a kind of community of one koin (they can not pay for the activity of users of their network at all)
    (BitConnect, BitCoen etc.)
  • others (combined, undefined so far, etc.) that is, those that are based on a different principle, but deal with crypto currency, with blocking technology or proto propagandize crypto-currency methods of relationships on the Web
    (Scrypto, CryptoSocial, etc.)
  • new (while it is unclear which direction the projects will follow when they come out of their test scales) (Sola, HeartBout, Indorse etc.)

Naturally, all of the above is just an attempt to somehow systematize all that is available today in the profile market. But in the future, when clear criteria are selected, it will be much easier to determine.

Therefore, I invite everyone interested in the discussion. Thanks for the comments.

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