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Despite the fact that this name looks somewhat strange, in fact, it’s all true. Today we will get acquainted with one more crypto-currency social network, called

It should be noted that this project stands out sharply from others on the social theme, but it remains the same network of communication in the usual sense. Here there are all the attributes that should be in cryptosocial network, despite the fact that the project itself is still very young and it’s still only Beta-versions work.

There are a few uncertain, at this time, moments. For example, for the time being there are no payments in place and you can only earn points that will eventually be transferred to coins. Which ones? With this, too, the question is whether everything will be credited to Stellar Lumens, or in an efemirium, the wallet of which must be indicated right away upon registration, or else how.

The meaning of is that in principle, any person can get a good or bad PR or even influence it in some way. That is, thanks to such a project, you can influence the opinions of others about a particular person or even a company.

Any member of the Network can create a card of any person. However, if you have a regular account, then it can only be public persons. And if you have a Premium account, you can make such a card to anyone.

You can also vote on the cards already created, both in the positive and in the negative.

In general, despite the fact that this social network is just beginning its active activity, its development involves many interesting directions.

Unfortunately, while there are no referral links on the site and you can only invite friends here via e-mail or register directly. But if you want me to invite you, then just write me your address at or indicate it in the group in Telegram Moreover, in this chat room we we will discuss and discuss many crypto-currency social groups and exchange useful information.

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