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For those who are not in the topic, I want to say a few words about the social and cryptocurrency network Busy.org and add this service to the complete list of the cryptonetworks at Levelnaut.com

So, what kind of service is this – Busy? In short, it’s a special microblogging platform on Steemit’s blockchain.

In other words, if you need to tell about something or share with subscribers in a quick way, then you can easily use this social network.

Despite the fact that it is still in the version of Beta, almost everything here is already working very well and quite clearly. Write a post, publish and it is immediately displayed in your main stream on Steemit.

Naturally, if you get a husky, or more correctly, apowotes, then you are also credited with money.

Does it matter? Of course it does! Especially with the fact that Steem is already confidently spinning around the mark of $ 7 per piece, and Steem Dollar (SBD) and completely topped 10 bucks.

I have no doubt that Steem in the very near future will rise to $ 20 (minimum), I’m in this project almost from the very beginning and well feel the internal dynamics of development.

That’s why the microblogging service Busy.org, which, although it is an analogue of Twitter, makes it possible to make longer messages, and Twitter, as we all remember well and know, can at best give the ears a dead donkey.

In summary, I would like to recommend that everyone pay close attention to this service and start using it more actively. Well, as I said above, I will add it to the main list of crypto-currency networks and I will make a support group for the FB in the very near future.

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