Contynet at my PR laboratory

Long time I was getting to this project. But here, at last, decided to announce his more active participation in it. Why for a long time was going to? Because there are too many things here that are planned, planned, and already working.

In the course of writing this article, by the way, another topic appeared about how, where and how much to earn in the crypto-currency world. But we’ll talk about this in the next article, but for now – let’s focus on this review.

So, Contynet is a crypto-currency social network, although it is not built on block-building technology, but on the platform of a conventional, traditional social network.

Nevertheless, investments here can and should be done in the crypto currency, and payments (including for this article) are given out with the same money.

In order to understand how this system works, it is not enough to read reviews and news from the site itself. You should also study the project menu and the menu of your personal profile, deal with the user’s office.

This is the fastest way to start doing something. It is also useful to communicate with more experienced users, join specialized groups, etc. Then you will quickly understand where and how to invest, and where to simply earn in this project.

I have special support groups for all Crypto-networks, so if you want, you can also join them. It will be not worse, anyway.

Well, of course, you should not put anything off the hook – just go to the Contynet and start to register. And then definitely watch the video and start learning all the possibilities offered there. Otherwise, it will not be clear from what I would now say. And then you can start acting.

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