A quarter of a million users in one day

An interesting figure, is not it? If you are intrigued enough, I will now explain what is being said.

The fact is that the representative of just one crypto exchange, Binance, the same CEO of the project, Changpeng Zhao, reported that one day on the eve of just such a number of new users registered on this exchange.

And now I want to repeat this figure – again – a quarter of a million new registrations. Only on one of the exchanges. Only one day.

This is exactly what I literally said the day before in the Telegram chat room. Mining is for more experienced and technically trained people. Trading – for those who understand at least a little in crypto currencies and trading on the stock exchange. And only crypto-social networks are the widest gate absolutely for all comers.

Whoever does not understand this, I’m genuinely sorry. If even before such a tight-knit man like Mark Zuckerberg realized that it’s time to share with users and he seriously thought about releasing crypto currency, this is a very serious signal.

The Crypto currency is strengthened and is gaining new positions and so that there would not be talked about, and whatever tales of bubbles are told by smart bankers – the vector of the society’s movement becomes more and more obvious.

Sometimes it’s just ridiculous that the creators of the most gigantic bubble, that is, “the money itself,” are trying to blame someone … for creating a bubble. At the same time, they manage to invest means through intermediaries in the block and into the crypto currency.

Yesterday Ripple fell sharply. Or as they call it – bank token. This is also a good signal to those who think that they will pour money and immediately win the crypto-currency world. Not everything here is so simple, gentlemen. World consciousness is also changing, not just climate and technology.

However, I did not want to say in this article. I just wanted to be happy that I chose the right direction of my activity with my partners, that is, crypto-currency social networks. If this topic is of interest to someone else, then welcome to our telegram chat @cryptosocio – there is already a mighty movement.

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