The essence of the CryptoSocio project is very simple. Its participants want to form a certain team for mutual promotion exclusively in crypto-currency networks. That is, not at all on the Internet, not at forums, not in traditional social networks, namely in crypto-currency.

At the moment, the list of crypto-currency networks looks like this (click on the link for the transfer), but it will be constantly updated, updated and moderated.

Participate in the project can anyone who is interested in what is written above, and users absolutely do not need to know each other personally — neither real nor virtual.

The team is not interested in a large number of participants, but those who decide to join will require active participation, assistance and support in the promotion of other team members.

Each participant himself determines the level of his activity, but one way or another, this level will be noticeable (or on the contrary invisible) and one can count only on mutual assistance and mutual support.

You can join both with existing accounts, or create new ones, especially for this project.

Mutual assistance means all types of activity of a certain crypto-currency social network — mutual subscription (following, subscribbing), commenting, reposting, husking, pluses, endorsements, etc.

You can report on the newly produced content (post, article, note, picture, etc.) to other participants using the above technology (see list), that is, leaving a link to the material in special FB groups and receiving response from other participants team.

All general discussions of the project take place in a special Telegram chat, called @cryptosocio, and those who already have Telegrams (or who are ready to start it) can join it.

You can communicate in Russian or in English (if you wish), but it is important to do publications on both (using Google Translator).

If you are interested in bitcoin, Crypto World and the Architecture of Crypto World, then you can safely move on this link. And the most recent information about the distribution of free coins can be obtained on our channel in Telegram, so join and do not waste time for nothing.