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Unfortunately, not so much there is really high-quality products in the crypto-currency world. Despite the fact that the design even for fake ICO sites and bounty programs is sometimes done at a fairly high level, not all and not always fixed for a long time.

One of the pleasant exceptions, in this sense, is the BitRadio project, about which I already somehow told on the pages of Levelnaut.

BitRadio is a classic crypto-currency network, but the project brings together a huge number of enthusiasts of the crypto currency idea. Many of them even communicate with each other at the forum of the official site, where they discuss all the nuances of his work and further development plans.

But at first the project also did not have everything smoothly and it was not always clear whether it would survive or not. But the idea caught on and fell in love with users. Today, almost all the adherents of the crypto-currency movement listen to this radio. This resource is especially popular with the earning receivers of crypto-currencies, which are almost daily at faucets and buxes.

It is interesting that if you promote your participation in this project, it can be much more profitable than the same clicks. Today, faucets give out such pennies that what they gave at the beginning seems like a gigantic gift. Yes, and the minimum amount of payments they have is such that they would rather have themselves clicked while delivering pleasure.

At the same time, the BitRadio project has an excellent 3-level referral program, which allows you to earn quite decent for beginners money. Well, the BRO coin, which users receive for listening to their favorite tunes and radio stations, has only recently been growing in price.

As usual, summing up, I want to recommend to everyone who is not yet in the know, to go to the site and register right now in this wonderful project, download his wallet, select the right channel, start listening and get double pleasure.

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