Sola at my PR laboratory

It seems most recently was the ICO of this project, but for today it is a full service with all the important functions.

To tell the truth, SOLA even earlier got in our list of cryptosocial networks, but then the project was called Sola Foundation and was even on a different domain name.

It remains to literally draw a few important strokes and then this project will begin to operate at full capacity. I mean now the creation of the purse of the coin SOL and some other, but related points.

Let me remind readers that both Stimith and Golos also began to pay their users not immediately, but after krauseyla, etc., that is, when the funds appeared in circulation.

So SOLA confidently goes this way and now the project is not only in its mobile version, but also in the PC version. So now is the time to take a serious start here.

Already at the moment there are many activities for which the project will pay in sols – creating cards, viewing cards, etc.

Also, while there is a daily bonus and incentives for participating in the referral program.

In other words, there is nothing to lose time, just go to and register in this social network. And then start to work and start earning Crypto.

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