Places Of Your Activity In The Web

The Internet, first of all, exists so that people can either receive information or exchange it.

And in the first and second cases, your addictions have long been a secret and they are now being monitored by numerous services on the Web, which then try to redirect you to advertisements.

But do you need someone your points of activity? That is, those places where you conduct any activity?

Such information is also of some interest, but today I would like to highlight only one interesting point. We’ll talk about the rest some other time.

During the ICO boom, I repeatedly had to deal with this situation. Many developers and organizers of bounty-campaigns were interested not only in the level, or rank on the BitcoinTalk forum. Certainly, this indicator is important, but this forum is also gradually turning into a garbage dump, as well as the Facebook world.

Many creators and promoters of crypto projects were interested in the level of social activity. This is also understandable and it is not necessary to explain it to anyone. The more you have a level of influence in social networks (especially crypto-currency), the more opportunities you have and the options for getting serious dividends.

Suffice it to say, for example, that just slightly “pushing the gas” PR campaign CoinStarter, I immediately won the first round of the program Ambassador and received 4,500 STC coins.

Eng_CoinStarter Ambassador

Therefore, your list of points of activity on the Web is necessary first of all for yourself so that you have a complete picture of your opportunities.

Naturally, the organizers of projects, in the event that they begin to work with you on a personal level, simply need a similar map of your capabilities.

Yes, of course, this kind of accounting requires attention and time. But believe me, everything pays off in the end. Therefore, I recommend everyone to have a similar map of their representation on the Internet. And, not the one offered by various sites “for earnings through social networks,” but your own, made by yourself.

Gradually it will become more complete and then it will start to work both as your own tool for work and as a kind of your business card.

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