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The title is a little bit strange, is not it? Now I will explain what it means, but first I want to answer the question of one of the participants in our chat @CryptoSocio in Telegram.

The question was rather simple and harmless at first glance: “Can I join your project later?” I perfectly understand what, in fact, was this question about.

That is, it would be more correct to ask him this way: “Can I join your project when most of its participants become Crypto Whales”? That is, when it will be possible to get more substantial profits from all your actions.

The question, of course, is interesting. After all, on the one hand, since we do not prohibit anonymity and do not encourage any centralization, then the very entry into the project, logically, should be fairly democratic.

Yes, that’s the way it is. Anyone can join the @CryptoSocio group at any time. But … But, I want to warn you right away, just like there is no obligation for the newcomer of the project, so they do not have the whales either.

The only thing that unites absolutely all participants is mutual assistance in promotion in crypto-currency social networks and projects. But all this is done only on a voluntary basis.

Therefore, this moment must be taken into account at the very beginning. Once again, we do not chase the number, we do not need a huge number of project participants. The number of cryptocites should be proportional to the number of other participants. Therefore, your level of participation is absolutely voluntary. But if you think that someone does not notice something, then you are deeply mistaken.

One more thing. I, for example, do not care about and do not care what Warren Buffett or other newbies say about crypto currency. Moreover, I’m not at all interested in growing bitcoins or falls. My opinion is clear enough – I think, that the biggest bubble on the planete is – international financial system, but not crypto world.  That is why the bark at cryptocurrency so loudly.

Also, I do not care much about the latest statements of supporters of quantum computers, which predict an instant hacking of the crypto-currency system. I will not be like Buffett saying that “quantum shit, because I do not know it.” It’s just that I’m sure that by the time the quantum era comes, the crypt will grow into something more than just an instrument of profit and exploitation of man by a man who is now Fiat.

I want to be a crypto whalenot because I want to “make money on a topic while it’s hot,” but because it’s interesting to me, I understand it, I love it, I see that the future is behind it and I want to strengthen it.

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