South Korea – we are with you!

Unfortunately, I rarely write support words to entire countries. Maybe they should be written more often, especially at a time when natural disasters occur. But it seems to me that at such moments people are not up to reading, it is desirable to help them with something significant, some concrete deeds or material things.

But now another case. Now South Korea has been on the forefront of the struggle against the bubble of the financial system and the government officials who serve this bubble faithfully.

And there is nothing to lose a bubble and officials – they perfectly understand that their days are numbered, so they will fight to the last drop of blood – fight for their warm places, fight for their passive income and for their opportunities to turn the planet within their capabilities.

Technologies and Crypto-currency, as one of the potential instruments, change the world very seriously. We do not even understand and realize the extent of all these changes.

And the fact that today it was South Korea was in the hearth – quite an explicable thing. After all, this country is in the forefront of new technologies. China is also moving now confidently and there is no less tense situation. But it is in South Korea that now people, and especially young people, connect their future with the crypto currency.

Pensioners here began to create their own pension funds themselves, not trusting thieves-officials and swindlers from state structures. If we now allow these structures to kill the sprout of this new reality, then the current gambling world, backed by the money of all sorts of buffets, dimons and other old farts, will win and sell all of its junk, like oil and gold, until the end of the stockpile.

Of course, they then switch to the crypto currency, or rather, they are already slowly switching to it, but they, I repeat, need to make sure that their Fiat has worked out the end of its resources.

In South Korea, the confrontation between the old and the new manifested itself in a seemingly not so big event – the ban on crypto currency and repression against people who are engaged in it or associate their hopes with it.

These days, I consider myself simply obligated to express support to the people of South Korea. I hope that all those who understand what is happening at the very moment will support me.

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