New Crypto Networks

It is possible that one of you, dear readers, already participates in our project for promotion in crypto-social networks and even is a participant in @CryptoSocio chat in Telegram.

If so, then you are already familiar with the complete list of crypto-social networks (that is, those in which you can earn any coins). Then you understand what will be discussed now. If you are a beginner, you can now get acquainted with this information and what will be written below to you too, in this case, it will come in handy.

Now I want to provide a list of projects that are not yet included in our main work list, but we are already beginning to look at them and with the majority we will start working in the very near future.

Some of them, only appeared in 2016, and some have long been preparing for the main launch, now we will not go into detail in everything, but just look at the list together.

Of course, this list is far from complete, therefore, huge thanks to all those who supplement it. Well, and of course, the invitation to join our chat @CryptoSocio, if you are interested in helping in mutual promotion in crypto-social networks.

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