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It seems to have been recently the ICO of a social network, but today it is already quite a stable and very interesting project on the Internet. Therefore, I recommend very closely to look at all the news of the ICO market – it is quite possible that there will be another high-quality crypto-currency network there.

So, let’s get acquainted with the site of Galactikka. In principle, this is an ordinary social network with a good design, fairly simple functionality and, most importantly, with a creative team.

The latter is especially important, as both design and functional can be prepared for the start of any project. It is enough to look at those “masterpieces” that are exhibited on the ICO. Sometimes it seems that this project will definitely take off to the moon, but alas, this happens far from often. It is because the team is not creative enough or lacks perseverance and perseverance to achieve the goal.

Galactikka is a pleasant exception in this series. Here, with creativity, everything is in order, however, as with everything else. There is an opportunity to earn coins, which automatically leads this social network into the ranks of leaders, since not all crypto-currency networks are ready to pay their users for activity today.

I will not elaborate on how to earn money here. The fact is that immediately, almost from the first minutes, after any of your actions, you will see a pop-up window on which will be written in detail about how you earn here.

It is safe to say that this project is waiting for a great future. Therefore, you can safely go to registering with the Galactikka website and proceed with the development of this resource.

Naturally, this is far from the last review of this social network, so your comments, observations and feedback will be very useful.

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