A Few Words About Future Plans

Now, when the bitcoin rate has once again fallen and a panic has begun in the crypto-currency market, fueled by the decisions of the governments of South Korea and China, I want to say a few words about today’s day and about plans for the future.

First of all, I do not care at all about the fall, or the rise of the bitcoin, and other crypto-currencies. Now there is a lot of talk about manipulation in this market, but I’ll tell you one thing – the most important manipulator here is the State.

It is the state that is extremely uninterested in the development of the crypto currency, since it takes the crypto-currencies from them, and naturally, the banks have their gold feeder. That is why now there is so much talk about “regulation”, in fact, about taking this market under its control.

But there is one point that all these bunglers and demagogues do not take into account – the future can not be stopped. And the only obstacle here is they – the state, a huge army of officials and financial manipulators, then they eat, their faithful chain dogs are banks.

That’s why I do not worry about anything – the future is much stronger than this whole mold.

This all concerned the day of today. Now a few words about the plans for the future. As you already know, most of them are associated with the CryptoSocio project? that is, with promotion in crypto-currency social networks, which I believe will become one of the most serious and effective tools for active activity on the Web in the very near future.

Yesterday I was asked about whether I will report how much and how I earned during this very promotion. I answer. I plan to do this every month, so that everything is transparent and in the future I did not have to raise any archives.

In addition, after the “control semester”, that is, from the fall of next year, I plan to conduct online classes on this topic, as well as to improve the English language skills with my team.

And it is selected in it is already quite interesting and experienced people, which is very motivating. By the way, about the English language. I am sure that in the future one active language will remain, and this one. All the rest will be only monuments of culture.

You can argue as much as I like with my arguments, but you can also check how much fundamentally new information on the Web, in science and technology appears in English and how many in all other languages ​​combined.

Therefore, in short, the plans for the future are all related to the development of the CryptoSocio project. I will remind you the address of the chat on this topic and Telegram is t.me/joinchat/D7PlxRA_DCcwEnZLdoCqvA or you can simply enter @CryptoSocio in the Telegraph search. But you should join only if the topic is interesting to you. Chat is conducted in Russian and in English, you can choose any of them for communication.

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