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It’s amazing, while the bitcoin rate is falling, Alfred Kelly states that bitcoin is “not a cryptocurrency and not a payment system”, some of my acquaintances are asking about … how to start earning a currency.

For me, this is a very important signal. He says that before many people start to slowly come to the conclusion that “talking heads from TV and newspapers” are not at all the latest information for making vital decisions. And that these very heads of circumstances or money are forced to carry all the nonsense that they carry.

However, let’s not talk about the sad, let’s talk about the pleasant, but at the same time we will answer the question of those who make their first steps in the cryptocurrency world.

In principle, you can start earning cryptocurrency with anything. But most of the directions, one way or another, will require certain investments. so I recommend starting with faucets, that is, with services that distribute small amounts of cryptocurrency just for the fact that you visit them and give user traffic.

By the way, I also started my acquaintance with similar sites and nothing shameful in this I do not see. After all, you can learn something new and gradually earn money for something more serious.

Today I want to tell you about the best, in my opinion, Web services for stable and free receipt of several types of crypto currency – CoinPot faucets.

Here is their full list, as well as the coins that they offer, for the moment:








Bitcoin Cash


What do you need to do with this?

Firstly, you must register for all of the links above (with the same email address!).

Secondly, with this very mail address register on the site http://www.coinpot.co and save it all in bookmarks on your computer.

Thirdly, start earning on cfaucets, that is, go to these sites and go through captcha (perform a small and simple task to select pictures or write letters), after which you will have some amount of money on the account of this site.

Fourth, when you have enough money to withdraw, you can exchange all crypto-currencies for one (preferably DOGE, or at least Litecoin) right inside the Coinpot wallet site and bring it to where you need it.

The procedure is very simple and you will quickly learn it. In parallel, you can learn other information and then invest in other interesting services.

All these resources are time-tested, they work very well and I think that in the future nothing will change for the worse, what would have been forced to say not Alfred Kelly, James Dimon, Warren Buffett and other people from the “beautiful yesterday.”

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