CryptoSocio Project. News and updates

Despite the fact that the project itself has just started recently, there have already been a lot of changes in it, and therefore it is necessary to inform all concerned about its news. Let’s enumerate them in order.

Place of publication. Finally, we finally decided on the place where the main activity in this project will be reflected. In order to get there, type in the browser (or search) and at the bottom of the forum you will find the section CryptoSocio.

Language. It does not matter what your main language is, what language you speak and what publications you make. Despite the fact that the forum is on the Russian domain, the order of the actions there is very simple.

Procedure. You need to proceed as follows. First go to the forum (pre-register it) and go to the CryptoSocio section. This is all you will do absolutely without any difficulty and you do not even have to use Google Translator.

Choose a social network in which you made a publication from the list in the section. In it, we include only those social networks that pay crypto currency for user actions.

Your main activities are the last 5 publications on the list. It is for them to need the likes, reposts, comments and all other actions provided for in this social network.

All this, of course, is done whenever possible, but it is not worthwhile to abuse the trust of project participants, since if you do not help others, your publications will also be ignored.

Moderation. In order for everything to proceed as it should, please observe the above agreements in our project, and in all other respects act according to the general rules of this forum.

Groups on Facebook. All those groups for promotion in crypto-social networks that were originally organized on Facebook, we will not delete, but in them as an attached message there will be this information, and we will not do new publications there.

The group in Telegram. The CryptoSocio group in Telegram will also be closed after a while (there will also be an indication that the project will be moved) and the only place for communication will be the section “About the CryptoSocio Project” in the above forum.

All these actions will be taken to ensure that the project participants can optimize their efforts to promote and increase activity within the framework of just one project, rather than several.

Plans. You can learn about the plans and news of the project using the site, where the project started initially and at forum in the section CryptoSocio. It is expected that closer to the end of 2018, the project will regularly conduct webinars for all its participants.

In addition, during the development of the project, many new ideas and independent projects have already appeared. None of the useful initiatives will not disappear and they will be considered in the future.

All information on the inclusion of new crypto-social networks in the project will also be carefully processed and included in the overall promotion plan.

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