Forum or Social Network?

Now we will talk about these two types of community and their role in promoting in the cryptocurrency world. It was about this that I had a conversation yesterday with one of the comrades, so I want to discuss some points.

First of all, it should be noted that discussing these two tools is like discussing a fork and a spoon. They are different and if on the forums we are looking for answers to the profile questions that arise in our country, then the social network is the place of communication about anything.

On the other hand, both tools can be used in work and, as already mentioned above, in the promotion in the cryptocurrency world.

Recently I tried on my site to put together all the crypto-currency forums, but soon left this idea alone. The matter is that to my data, in the world already today there are more than hundred untwisted crypto-exchange forums.

some of them pay users for the activity of the crypto currency, some attract the opportunity to improve their rank, some are interested in their narrow specialization, etc.

Recently even in our project CryptoSocio there was a forum. More precisely, a branch with this name on the forum, so I’m not going to say anything negative about this tool. I use it very actively in my work.

But I use it. Here is the key moment. In order to successfully advance in the crypto-currency world – it is simply necessary to have your own strategy, your plan. Otherwise, you just do not have enough time for everything or you’ll be … like hares. There is such a term in crypto-currency trading, which is called new traders trying to ride for profitable positions, like a hare.

I personally, as a tool, the social networks are more closely related. They are not so easy to launch, unlike the forum. And if, as I said above, there are hundreds of crypto-currency forums already today, the networks account for tens of money. And those who actually pay crypto currency to users for their activity and do units. In other words, this market is only being formed and, in my opinion, it has great prospects.

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