Which projects are suitable for CryptoSocio?

This is a good question, so let’s answer it at the very beginning of the journey. Then it will be easier to navigate in the future and you can concentrate only on the main thing.

In order to do this in the easiest way, let’s first define with those crypto-social networks that are not suitable for the CryptoSocio project.

First, do not fit all kinds of pyramids and HYIPs. Despite the fact that at first sight, all the well-known Bitconnect service is a social network paying crypto currency for user activity (we remember that this is one of the main points for connecting our team to it), we did not hurry with this site . And as practice shows, very correctly done. The events of the last days show that this pyramid remained for a very short time.

Secondly, one of the key factors of the CryptoSocio project is mutual support and mutual promotion in crypto-social networks. In this respect, for example, again, all the well-known Bitrad.io service, seems to be suitable. This site pays users for activity and, in principle, it even has a forum where you can communicate, but … But, alas, it is impossible to provide tangible support here at the moment. Here, of course, there is a 3-level referral program, but this is a completely different story.

Thirdly. Some social networks, in which our team is already involved, there are related platforms, created on the same blockbuster. Now I mean, of course, Busy.org, Cpeda.space, GoldVoice.club and other social networks. We certainly take part in their work and even use them for promotion. But, as is known, all of them in terms of payments, duplicate the functions of the same Stimita or Voice, therefore can not be considered by us, as suitable promotion of social networks.

Fourth. There are also several other factors, according to which crypto-social networks may not be suitable for us. For example, we closely monitor those sites that are only planning to pay crypto currency to users for activity in the future. Such services can count at least a dozen.

There are other reasons why we, at least, do not immediately connect to them. But they are less significant and not always decisive.

Therefore, if we sum up the above, we can say that the CryptoSocio project is suitable, first of all, for independent crypto-exchange networks paying users for their activity that are not pyramids and providing an opportunity to approve and encourage the network activity of other participants in this crypto-social network.

Let me remind you that at the moment we are still discussing the chat in the Telegram @CryptoSocio t.me/joinchat/D7PlxRA_DCcwEnZLdoCqvA and anyone can join the discussion. Active activities of the project participants are recorded at forum forum.kryptoland.ru in a special section of CryptoSocio.

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