Why Crypto Networks Are Better Than Airdrops?

If we formulate the question completely from the title, it will look like this: “What is more advantageous for working in cryptosocial networks of constant hunting for all these airdrops, giveaways and bounty campaigns?”.

In other words, today we will talk about time and money. These topics are no less important than health and education in today’s world. And if you at least sometimes think about the future and listen not only to the promoted “news from the TV,” but also follow the development of technology, then you just need to consider these moments in your life.

By the way, I also went through this chaos of airdrops, giveaways and bounties. Someone succeeded in them, someone won a few pennies, someone successfully used fraudulent schemes, and someone just killed time and did not win anything. I do not take myself to either the first or the last. I’ve been studying all this time, because I consider this to be one of the most important tasks today, absolutely regardless of age.

Moreover, at one time I even planned to make a good team that would simply contract with these ICO and crypto currency developers to promote their projects on the Web. Even imagined such a picture. People create a project. Then we appear all so cool with huge experience of promotion in the network, work in social networks, serious and real PR portfolio and launch any project. Naturally, for completely different money, than people get in bounty campaigns.

But then, in time I analyzed and understood that this is not a very promising way. That is, this is a short-term project. Either way, soon everything will be legalized and regulators will intervene in the ICO market. Well, if Vitalik Buterin with his DAICO or someone else from the world of crypto currency will offer something earlier. If not, the fiat monsters will quickly pick up this activity. And then everything will immediately fall into place.

Everything will pass into the hands of the so-called professionals, who will continue to prepare for five years in prehistoric, completely irrelevant and inefficient at the moment, schemes called “university.” I do not doubt for a second that the ice rink called “Artificial Intelligence” will soon equalize all these ancient states, universities, warm bureaucratic nests, as well as cozy offices and offices of modern Fiat guardians.

By the way, the blockchain already partially began to break down their schemes. And although Microsoft is fun to draw technological pictures of the future, it seems to me that he stupidly does not take into account this moment. Or he is not allowed to take this into account. However, let’s not talk about the sad, we were going to talk about time and money.

Why does my channel on Telegram on airdrops so rapidly gaining its audience? It’s simple – airdrop does not oblige you to anything, you do not have to pay for anything and you can turn this movie into any time free from slave labor or inefficient learning.

I agree, the case is very stupid and completely mechanical. You just need to fill out the form, join the group, make a tweet or something. Moreover, every tenth of them can even throw a few coins, which can then be stuck somewhere in the cloud mining or even on the stock exchange. Sweet and wonderful, all suiting the scheme. And scammers who suit her and the victims who use it. Stop, what victims? What am I talking about?

Of course the victims, I was not mistaken. First, your data is collected, and then they will certainly be used. As it is already another question. The most innocuous is that you will receive endless spam “about the progress” of some, again, most likely, fraudulent ICO. Secondly, there will certainly be attempts to phishing, spreading viruses and simply stupid theft of financial data, especially for beginners.

And thirdly, the most important thing will happen in my opinion. Will steal your time and discredit the concept of crypto currency. If the second one, I can not do anything personally. The world goes where it goes. But personally, I do not want to waste time on scammers. Therefore, I recommend that the participants of the channel of my channel on Telegram @freecoins look for more compliant admins than I do.

It’s not that I completely reject the idea of ​​”free crypto currency”. For beginners, especially while they are studying, this is a very useful thing, but on airdrops and distribution, I will not spend more than a second of my time. Alas, but the old good proverb – “free cheese happens only in a mousetrap”, is still relevant, despite the approaching singularity, quantum computers, artificial intelligence and other joys.

In this case, another question arises, why did I switch to crypto-currency networks, what is good there?

First, I switched not to everything, but only to crypto-currency. Despite the fact that sometimes I still go to the traditional, I do not see their future. People simply will not pay their time and emotions for what they themselves can get rewarded for. It is curious that even Mark Zuckerberg began to realize that soon the shop could close and is now actively trying to tie up any crypto currency to its “magic pot of money”. But be calm, Mark will come up with something that he will get money for, and not you. If in doubt, then ask the Winklwos brothers about it.

Secondly, crypto-currency and blockchain social networks, one way or another will stretch some time and neural networks, one way or another will rely for a while on them. Therefore, it makes sense to dive into the topic.

Third, in the most important. Here pay for the activity. Here you pay for the content that you somehow create. This is true when content owners share profit with its creators.

There are many other interesting moments. But the main thing is not this. The main thing is where I started this article – time and money. Think well, are you all right with this when you are engaged in airdrops, giveaways and bounty?

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