What to write about in Crypto Networks?

Just yesterday one of my friends told me that he “does not know how to write, and there’s nothing to write about at any social network, especially in crypto.”

Well, let’s talk on this topic and together we will answer the question “What to write about?”

But first I want to remind you about what social networks and the Internet exist for. First of all, they exist for the exchange of information.

Of course, positive information is preferable to receive a daily dose, but in principle any, which under any pretext can be classified as “useful”.

In our working group, yesterday I reported that I personally closely monitor developments in about fifty crypto social networks. And to make it clear to you, far more powerful projects are being prepared for the start than the popular Steemit.

On the other hand, if we talked about Steemit, then we must remember that this week, according to Weiss Ratings, it was Steem, as a crypto currency, which received a rating of B, while bitcoin deserved only the C + rating. And in general, only five crypto-currencies were rated higher than bitcolin. This is what caused the 50% increase in the cost of Steem.

Now you can connect in your head my information about the number of crypto social networks that has been already launched and started and the value of the crypto currency that they give to users. I hope you will make all the necessary conclusions in this direction.

Now let’s return to our question about content for these very social networks, for their “fuel”, for what they can not exist without. And traditional social networks, at least I very much hope for this, will soon remain only the property of history.

As I said, the Internet exists for communication, for information exchange. Are your kitties and fishes such information? Certainly. Someone needs just your kitties and fish. So you can safely take pictures of your pets and tell others about them. Do not listen to all that “wise men” who tell you “enough to post kitties” Tell them that it’s enough to post all that “smart nonsense” that only they themselves understand.

Remember that every merchant has his own goods. Once, at the very beginning of Steemit, I was very surprised. After all, there are such clever and interesting articles, but… users approve and reward endless pictures of some Chinese teenagers who tell stories about their origami.

In vain was surprised, because this is just normal for the Internet. And when someone writes about singularity or transhumanism – this is also normal, good and right. But … The Internet will put everything in its place. More precisely, not the Internet, but payment to users for their reaction to the publication.

Yes, of course, there are a lot of other nuances in this topic – the power of the voice, the user’s influence, reputation, experience, authority, the circle of communication, the segment of published information, etc. We will certainly talk about all this.

But for now let’s stop at the point that you even have no idea about who and when your information may be needed. On what help or influence it will have.

Maybe to someone exactly your cat will remind one, that he just parted and will give him those very positive emotions that are extremely difficult to find in the stream of all the shit that daily pours out the paid TVs, newspapers and other antiquities.

Therefore, just write, publish photos that you have or have done, share your thoughts, observations, advices, recommendations, etc. Share! Otherwise you’ll never know that someone is interested. Well, and get crypto currency for your smal but useful work. This is exactly what should happen, and not what is happening in traditional social networks.

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