Viuly at my PR laboratory

If you try to give a very short definition to this project, then you can say that this is crypto YouTube. some users call it that.

Therefore, we now explain a little what exactly this means, and then add a few words and we will have a review.

So, firstly, why “crypto” and secondly why “YouTube”. While clumsy monsters of the Internet only look closely at the crypto currency, some services enter it. So it happened with Viuly. This video hosting has its own VIU coin, which is successfully traded on stock exchanges.

It is this coin received by users who posted their videos here. That is, like on YouTube on this site you can post your videos and get for it a crypto currency.

Here you can also make your own thematic channels, and place individual videos in the appropriate category.

Well, and most importantly for the participants of the project CryptoSocio, video hosting Viuly. has its own social network. And everyone can communicate and support each other in it. Which, by the way, is done in the @ CryptoSocio group on Telegram and any Internet user interested in his promotion in crypto social networks can join at any time.

Moreover, that Viuly. – this is the tenth platform with which our project works.

The language of communication and broadcasting on Viuly does not matter much. I, for example, make my videos in both Russian and English, but video is not much more important than voice-over. After all, in the end, always in the description you can tell about what other users see.

So, in this project everything is very simple, even the video itself can be done with the help of an ordinary mobile phone with a camera.

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