Influence and Power in Crypto Networks

Today we will consider one very important point that has one of the decisive implications for successful promotion in crypto social networks, or in crypto networks.

This element is called differently in different projects, but in one way or another it is present (or should be present) in all of them. Most often it is called the power of voice or influence, but there may be other names, such as, level of activity, reputation and the like.

What does this mean? Most often, it takes into account your experience and the benefits that you bring to this project. We can say that this is not the same things, but these factors are closely interrelated.

Their difference is only that experience will come anyway, if you actively act on the crypto network, but reputation is something that you need to monitor constantly. Speaking in simple words, then for successful promotion it is necessary to constantly study each project, and also to ensure that it looks dignified and does not violate the rules.

It seems normal and understandable to all things, but when someone is surprised that it was not to him success, then most likely the reason lies in these two important factors. In such cases, there is always a sense to understand more thoroughly in the mechanisms of the project, in nuances that you did not take into account from the very beginning.

In our team, which we call CryptoSocio, they are necessarily taken into account and in spite of the fact that we do not even always know each other personally, but only know our network alias.

As I have written many times, to date, there are already several dozen projects that can be attributed to crypto social networks, and before the launch are even more. Our goal is to reach serious levels in all of them (or at least in most). But even if someone wants to advance only in one particular project, then he can not disregard everything that was mentioned above.

There is no point in describing how the power of voice works or is formed from each of the crypto social networks, sometimes it is mentioned in my reviews, sometimes these concepts are so obvious that there is nothing to explain.

Despite the fact that our team is practically an example of virtual coworking, we have common places for discussion and common activities. More information about them can be found in the Telegram @cryptosocio chat, anyone who is interested in this topic can join any moment. That is, we are not a sect or a secret society, but the concepts of voice power, influence and reputation are common terms that have quite practical significance for all of us.

Thus, today we considered one more important component moment of the crypto currency social networks, which can be called the power of the voice in crypto social networks.

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