Crypto Blogging as a Profession

Crypto blogger is not a new concept in a virtual world. More precisely, individually there are already quite a long time the terms blogger and crypto. But today we will talk about their common sence, but about the definition of a crypto blogger as a professional.

In this regard, you can follow a simple path and define a cryptoblogger as a person who receives for his content cryptocurrency. That is, if you have already at least once earned any of the crypto coins for the content you provided on the Internet, then you can say that you took the first step towards mastering the profession of crypto blogger.

In future, you can decide for yourself how important and significant this business will be in your life. It is possible that you decide to completely switch to this type of activity and will no longer imagine yourself without creating content for the Internet, or maybe it will be your hobby. It’s up to you to decide.

I have already written a lot about what content is claimed on the Web today and I just want to add one detail. Do not think that crypto bloggers are “professional journalists who write on crypto-currency topics.” This is actually not the case. I know a huge number of journalists, who not only did not earn a single crypto coin, but even did not even write a word for the Internet.

On the other hand, people quite far from “literate writing articles” earn very decent money. Sometimes one time-written offer on the web or a posted screenshot can cost very serious money.

The main thing is not to forget the basic principle of the Internet – it was created to exchange information. But useful information has its value. Of course, if the main direction of your information messages are television, gluttony, scandals or trolling, then you are unlikely to achieve recognition in the crypto-currency world. Therefore, once again I will allocate – always in the price useful and interesting information. And on how much quality and stability you deliver this type of content – directly depends on how quickly you will come to a serious success.

You can learn everything. Do not forget that even when you share with the other users the results of your studies, your progress in the crypto-currency world, you can already earn. Because the difference between you and those who will read you can already make at least one step. And to the person who is only going to do it, your hint will be very useful.

We can, of course, talk a lot and set forth theoretical reflections, but you are certainly interested in some concrete steps. In that case, if you expect them from me, then I personally can offer you … three doors.

The first door. Open the Internet, go to the Search, find the crypto-currency networks (there are, according to my calculations, already are about fifty), register, and start to delve into what people write about there, start mastering these spaces. It’s quite simple and gradually you will somehow get accustomed to this topic.

Second door. You can add @CoinsFree to your channels in Telegram, where I constantly share my personal experience about promotion in crypto-exchange networks. But I warn you right away – this is the channel, and it does not mean interactive, that is, you can only read, analyze and figure out whether it is interesting to you or not. You can not communicate ther. Even despite so many people.

The third door. Our chat (again in Telegram), which is called @CryptoSocio, where the main topic of communication is promotion in crypto-exchange networks and quite specific ways of how to achieve it in the shortest possible time. This door is also open to all comers, regardless of experience.

But you may not go to any of these doors. And even not to open them. And then, by the way, you can choose anything. When you have a crypto currency, then you can go to stock exchange and actively trade there, or you can endlessly travel, creating new content and getting new crptocurrency for it, or you can manage the money earned sme other way. You are to decide. Well, and at the same time, you also decide whether you need this profession at all or not.

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