Zenduja at my PR laboratory

I have already told you about many crypto networks, many of them have already been represented at my PR laboratory. But today I want to introduce you a special project, in which several directions and opportunities for communication, for earning and, of course, for promotion of all these projects, sites and ideas are connected together.

Today I will tell you about the representative of new generation of cryptosocial networks, that is called Zenduja.

It is very difficult to single out any one opportunity, from those that are presented here. On Zenduja there is a possibility of earning money on ordinary buxes, that is, you earn Zenduja coins for watching videos, browsing banners and other advertising materials.

Secondly. Here you can earn not only on viewing the video, but also on its placement. Moreover, all the videos that you post, this service helps to spread on ordinary social networks. And many of your friends, by means of Zenduja will soon come from conventional networks to crypto ones, and they will also be able to communicate and earn here too.

By the way, about your friends and relatives. Any of your activity on this project is rewarded, so even an ordinary greeting, or a message in the form of clapping hands (it a special greeting badge) is also rewarded here.

If someone wants to make money on a partnership program, then he can do it very successfully and effectively. The project has a huge amount of educational videos and promotional materials that will greatly facilitate your work in this direction.

I do not even know what else to tell you in this brief introduction of Zenduja. There are a lot of new activities here, in the nearest future the chat will work here and Zenduja will reward you… for using it.

Now I can only promise one thing – there will be many publications on this topic. At least I have something more to tell about this project and other interesting features of it. And I will certainly do it. Yes, I almost forgot about the most important thing. Registration and participation in the project is free of charge, all the rewards of participants are due to advertising.

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