Big Future of Crypto Networks

I had already understood long ago, though only at the level of intuition, that crypto social networks or cryptonetworks will have big future.

And it’s not even that Steemit and Golos, or rather their coins, only grow in value. It’s different, in the general development trend. My interest to predictions for future had been of a great help with this aspect.

Recently I got full confirmation of my thoughts. As you probably already know Thenextweb published very interesting report, which is called Digital 2018 and there is simply a huge amount of extremely interesting information for analysis.

Of course, the fact that there are already more than 4 billion users on the Internet is the main attraction of the report, and adjustments to plans not only for many companies, but also in many industries, are associated with it.

I’m not going to analyze the entire report in detail, since I do not work in all directions, but I will make only a few comments about cryptonetworks.

First, traditional networks are starting to lose their positions quite seriously. Despite the emphasis on profitable indicators, we read that the study of Locowise, which was conducted in 179 countries around the world, showed that the organic reach and involvement of Facebook users fell this year by 10%.

The question arises: “Where did all these people go, did they really leave the social networks?” Maybe so, but it seems to me that many of them safely moved to the cryptonetworks.

Secondly. The number of users of social networks is growing at a very high rate thanks to the mobile Internet. Every second 11 new users join them. This is a very weighty argument in favor of the fact that this direction is very promising.

And those projects that target mobile cryptonetworks also have a good chance of success. Although, for example, the development of the Sola project and some others just passed ICO are already an excellent confirmation of the trend.

Thirdly. The first place in social networks, by the number of users confidently holding the Philippines. For some it may seem surprising, but to me everything is very clear.

For example, in Israel, almost the majority of workers involved in caring for the elderly are from the same country. At the same time, nothing prevents them from using social networks in their spare time, and, first of all, by crypto-currency projects. Because there they can get rather good money.

And there is no need for any proof. You just go to Bitlanders and see LeaderBoard there, everything will become clear to you. And if this does not convince you, then try to make your way to the top of this cryptococial.

Fourth. In social networks just a huge flow of the elderly people are successfully mastering the Internet. They, like the Filipinos who care for them, prefer not just to communicate, but to get paid for it. Moreover, consultants on these issues are right next to them.

Of course, you smiled at these words. But is it all so funny?

There are many very interesting moments that you want to comment on in this report, and I will definitely do it. So, if you are interested in this topic, then you can subscribe to my articles. And if you want to take a direct part in our joint project on promotion in cryptonetworks, find the group @cryptoSocio in Telegram and join.

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