Mark, how much is to ban crypto at all?

Every time I have doubts about what is happening in the world of crypto currency, I immediately check the reaction of the world of fiat. Of course, in some respects those guys who today rule the world, take part in the children’s (as they think) game, which is called “crypto”.

And if I see that they are enraged, then there is no doubt – it’s good, it’s right, this is the future and it will be so, and not as they want.

Until recently, I was not surprised by this very reaction. But the events of the last days started to please me very much.

In spite of the fact that “bitcoin falls”, or rather the most ordinary one happens, it is not known what is already the correction, there are a lot of very positive events around.

Just yesterday, I gave the first comments on the report of Thenextweb, which is called Digital 2018. I will continue to analyze it very carefully, especially in the part related to social networks, since my main interest today is the crypto-social networks.

Yesterday, I mentioned that “… despite the emphasis on favorable indicators, we read that the study Locowise, which was conducted in 179 countries, showed that the organic reach and involvement of Facebook users fell this year by 10 % … ”

Now I will try to explain in my own words what that means.

First, of course, the importance of traditional social networks is falling and will continue to fall, no matter what Mark Zuckerberg said or whoever else. The logic is simple – no one today will deliver content for free, when many projects around pay for it.

Secondly, Mark Zuckerberg understands this perfectly. He is an experienced person on the Internet and in business, and the Winklewos brothers can confirm this easily. Do not smile, now will be the most interesting.

Thirdly. Earlier the owner of the most popular network was a very advanced user, today he is just a very rich man who is guarding the Fiat, guarding big money, like all these daimons, buffets and other evil spirits.

Fourth. Mark fidgeted. He does not understand in what direction he should swim today in order to collect all the money he has not yet collected. That’s why he shuns their one side to the other – then he is going to conduct his own crypto currency, it prohibits advertising crypto in his network.

If he thinks that someone does not understand what is happening, then he is very deeply mistaken. I’ve been on Facebook almost from the very beginning of its existence. From the moment when it was the foremost phenomenon in the world. Despite the fact that the moderators of this network are unequivocally people inadequate and, apparently, ban when they are denied sex (by the way, for such a statement they can also easily banned me, at the same time and check). But all this story is not about them.

Now I have a question for Mark himself, which, I hope, will be handed to him.

I have this question: “Tell me, Mark, here you have forbidden advertisement of crypto-currency in your social network. And how much will it cost to ban the word “crypto” in general? And on your website and in the world? Do your new friends have enough money for that? ”

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