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I do not know what about you, but I personally rejoice at the fact that the bitcoin rate is falling. Have I said anything terrible? Okay, let’s see what do I mean.

First. And this is the most important thing. I know for sure that the rate of bitcoins and many other crypto currencies will grow. At the same time, I wish all bankers a painless bankruptcy and successful retraining in the shortest possible time.

Second. The fall of botcoin is a very convenient moment not only for those who have the right strategy, but also a great opportunity to get rid of the husks, from random people in the crypto world, from fans of easy and quick money, and from those crazy who take loans in traditional crap banks, in order … to buy a crypto currency. I sincerely regret them, because they are perfectly breakfasted by whales of the crypto business, and leaving forever this world traditional fiat bankers.

Third. Correction of the course crypto-currency (note, I said correction, not drop) is an excellent opportunity to put things in order, including, in the project CryptoSocio, which I am currently actively engaged in.

Now, actually, about the news of the project.

First news . The @coinsfree channel on Telegram not only does not turn off its work, but on the contrary, it strengthens it many times. You know my personal attitude to airdrops – I prefer to play more long-running projects and not to collect crumbs from the table. But for those who do not have the opportunity to concentrate and choose the right path in the world of crypto currency, I have the first good news.

We have a new admin on the channel, which already very actively communicates in the channel feed all the latest information on airdrops and distribution. Therefore, if you have any questions or comments on this topic, you can contact Telegram with @SnooZko and get answers to all the questions.

In addition, if someone else wants to report the most relevant, up-to-date and useful information on other topics (faucets, buxes, cloud mining, exchanges, etc.), that is, any crypto-related topics (but only on ONE topic) – you can always contact me @borishaifa, I will be pleased to hear your proposal and it is quite possible that I will give you the opportunity to broadcast on our channel for free.

Second news . As I said above, my main activity is now connected with the CryptoSocio project, as I am perfectly aware of the fact that crypto social networks have much more chances for a long-term existence than for everything else. For they, like the system of blockchain itself, are based on collective labor, intelligence and the exchange of information.

Our group on mutual support and advancement to the heights of crypto-social networks is already acquiring an active core and this is very encouraging. Since we will not only help (and we are already actively helping!) To earn each other’s money, but later on, when we all become whales in all crypto-social projects, we will be able to educate new users, help develop existing and new projects and, of course, to resist all that jerks who believe that the future belongs to fiat and all that prehistoric TVs, banks and faxes.

Those who actively joined the work of the group in Telegram @CryptoSocio already reap the first fruits. Who has not yet joined – think, decide, weigh. Do not hurry. Wait, when bitcoin will be 50,000$, and STEEM, GOLOS, SOL, etc., will grow to at least 10$ apiece, and then take out a loan in the bank and follow the already well-known, proven scenario. This is also an option, why not?

Conclusion from the first news. Crypto-social networks become the norm. People start to get used to them. They begin to get used to the fact that they are paid for the content. Crypto social networks are becoming more and more popular. Most recently, I had only a few projects on monitoring, now their number reaches 100.

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