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While someone calculates their losses from correcting the bitcoin rate and merges the remaining crypto currency, in our project on Telegram @CoinsFree, the hottest time comes.

Here a group of leaders has already formed, which gladly helps beginners and helps the whole caravan to confidently move towards a proud title – a crypto multi-whale. Who is this, I’ll tell you in anoter post.

And today we will talk about another wonderful tool that can be used effectively in the work. You understand, the most important thing in our project is time. Offline, unfortunately, keeps tenacious very many Internet users. I do not mean the positive that we need to receive, but the routine that we are forced to dive daily in order to survive in a rapidly changing world.

However, enough talkings about the sad things. Let’s talk about the pleasant ones. As you remember, I had already told about a wonderful tool called Symbaloo. If you do not know what it is, then enter this word on the Levelnaut website in the Search and you will understand everything. If you are lazy, then I will remind you that Sembaloo is a very beautiful and convenient service for placing your affiliate links in the form of square bookmarks. That’s how it looks. By the way, thanks to him, I received a huge number of new partners and found many interesting people and opportunities.


And today I give you a new clue. Thanks to one cryptosocial network (that is, we are now talking about one of the projects with which we work), it is possible to make an excellent video library on any topic, with affiliate links, with all instructions from a variety of authors, etc. In this case, you will not have any restrictions on the number, the authorship of the videos (the authors will be only grateful that their videos are spinning and gaining views) and referral links.

I see that you are already quite intrigued. In this case, you can safely navigate to the Zenduja site by this link and whether without a link, if you are already registered here.

If not, then you somehow have to specify the name of the invitee, then you can add to the site address – borishaifa and you will be all right with the registration.

After registration, find the Playlists button in the menu and then start acting according to the win-win formula, that is, you win repeatedly and from all sides. First of all, you begin to create your free crypto video library.

To do this is very simple – you just need to fill in the fields for the video address, for the title and for the description with your link.

You can do there any thematic libraries and much more. But the most important thing is that you get paid for activity on Zenduja, as it is a crypto-currency network.

Once again, I recall that this project is one of those with which our team @CoinsFree works, since our object of action is exactly crypto-currency networks.

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