Crypto Paradise in Puerto-Rico and other paradises

Of course, you have already read that the rich crypto people decided to organize their own crypto paradise in Puerto Rico. Earlier we already read about the fact that the comfort zone was created in the Swiss town Zug, and in the Dutch Arnhem you can drink beer for bitcoins in almost in every bar.

This is wonderful, and we will follow with great interest how these and other places become capitals of the crypto-currency business and sharks of crypto world migrate there.

But do not relax, friends. A big battle with the Fiat has not even begun. And if the dollar rich people are afraid of something, it’s more the robots throwing out their faithful dogs from the banks, rather than as they say, geeks with their stupid coin.

Of course, they noticed the blockchain and it frightened them, they even started investing in it, but it is not enough to change something in life. Believe me, they will twist this ball, called Earth “until the end of the stock”.

Moreover, when the next growth bitcoin begins, they will secretly invest in it too, as their customers will want to have “a bit of this damned coin”.

But frankly speaking, they have not even entered the war in a serious way. And all these steps to cancel the purchase of crypto currency for VISA, etc. – this is just a hint that, as they can do much more.

What is the solution? Again fiat slavery? Again an endless routine with a daily pay tribute to those who manipulate the concepts of bubble, crime and pyramid, being essentially a bubble, a crime and a pyramid?

I do not think so. This is a wrong way out. The fact is that these gentlemen are much more difficult to fight with new tools of life, with new daily changing technologies, than with us, the supporters of the crypto currency.

Therefore, first of all it is necessary to build a crypto paradise not in Puerto Rico and not to run away from Fiat, but to build Crypto Paradise in your own head. To realize what is really going on. And it should be done away from the TV, even if this prehistoric propaganda tool is still somehow preserved at your home.

Explain these things to people who tomorrow have to pay for an apartment and for food is extremely difficult, but possible. To do this, you need to help them stop responding to the actions of this machine propaganda in social networks.

But not everyone can do it and this, by the way, is also one of the missions of our project @CryptoSocio in Telegram, which we are developing. Since financial independence, top leadership to social networks – it’s all good, but no one has yet abolished any help to his neighbor. Even help in building the future paradise in every single head. And not in Puerto Rico.

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