Futurenet.club at my PR laboratory

I continue to introduce you crypto social networks and today in my PR laboratory project that is called Futurenet.club, at least, so is the main website. The fact is that FutureNet is a social network, which is primarily designed for earning, so it is tied to a few more platforms, where the opportunity is provided for this.

In order to understand exactly how this project is structured, you can watch an instructional video from one of the creators – Hugh-Paul Ward, which is available on the main website. Much more will become clear after its viewing.

In short, there is also a trading platform, and recently a platform for cryptomining appeared, and there is an opportunity to receive bonuses for activity.

The bonus in social networks (Media points) is a reward for active users of the social platform. It is calculated daily according to a special scenario, taking into account specific parameters of the activity. Your activity parameters will be especially rewarded when using the internal tool for communication – chat Futurenet.

That is, here is already implemented what is likely, soon we will see in the crypto social network Zenduja, about which I had written earlier. But at the same time, some elements of the Zenduja functional are missing.

Also on Futurenet.club there are many opportunities for promotion in this project or in any other, there are also a huge amount of advertising tools here.

In addition, depending on your level of participation, you can be given even more opportunities for both earnings and promotion. In order to better understand this social network, special webinars are held, in which any participant can take part.

We can talk for a long time about everything that is here, but it’s better to see it with your own eyes. To do this, just go to the site borishaifa.fn.xyz and register. Do not be surprised that you received such a link for registration. The fact is that every participant of this social network has a website for promotion, with its own login.

In our program for development and promotion to the top of the crypto social networks @CryptoSocio which is located in Telegram, we are only just eyeing such projects. Therefore, we invite you to join those who have experience working in Futurenet, WaveScore and others (where you can communicate and earn crypto) in order to share experiences and promote them together.

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