Multi Whale and Crypto Blogger

In my previous articles I had already partially explained what is meant by these two concepts. But today I want to dwell on them in more detail, but at the same time I will try to explain about their combination.

So, let’s start with a multi-whale. A multi-whale is an Internet user who invests in various crypto projects and, at least in a few, invests very seriously. Otherwise, he is called simply a whale and we all well understand what that means.

Cryptoblogger is a person who earns crypto-currency by providing content for various crypto-currency projects. There are already several specializations. In particular, there are people who participate only in bounty campaigns, there are those who specialize in providing content for social networks (like our group in Telegram @CryptoSocio), there are other types of cryptobloggers on the Web today.

And now the most interesting. Let’s try to find out whether these two functions can be combined.

My personal experience suggests that this is rather difficult, but possible. That is, there are a lot of examples where the user is also a whale on the Steemit, for example, and at the same time he is also a blogger in the same place. But this is not the rule. You can find in the same social network many whale accounts that do not have a single post written. They only invest in this project and make a profit (or suffer temporary losses) from their deposits.

If we talk about multi-whales, that is, about cryptobloggers, which not only provide content (posts, articles, photos, videos, participate in development, etc.), but also invest in it, they also exist. But combining these two functions is quite difficult.

It’s difficult not only because in this case time-management comes to the fore. By the way, we will talk about time management in the nearest future. It is also difficult because, unlike whales, a cryptoblogger invests his personal time, often taking it away from his family.

Not to mention the fact that you have to live for something and save some money for daily expenses. What can I say about it? You are right, it is really so and it is not easy. But first, the question of faith and your beliefs is very important here. We will also talk about it very soon.

And secondly, you can make sure that not the world of fiat uses you to utter exhaustion, but you it. And exactly as much as this situation requires. You can correctly place the accents. That is, not to work offline, but to use the Internet as a means to earn money, but vice versa – to work as a cryptoblogger, to strive for the level of a multi-whale, but as much as necessary, for a certain period of time, use offline as a place for work.

This is only an option. In this place everyone is determined by himself and decides for himself what is important to him and what he believes.

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