What is – to believe in crypto?

Just want to warn that I will now only express my thoughts and only my opinion. It is absolutely not necessary to listen to him and even more to approve, not to approve.

By profession I am a teacher, that’s why I like to explain. I especially like to explain things that I understand myself.

Therefore, I do not understand how in the country where I had lived before religionists were first put in prison, an subject called “atheism” was taught at the university, and then the servants of religion started to get yachts and Mercedeses, and to build more churches in the 21st century than medical institutions.

I start every morning with an appeal to the Higher Power, which I call the Lord, but in this case, I do not need any intermediaries for a virtual communication with this Power.

I understand when people want to believe in good guys. And, no matter who these guys are – Jesus, Messiah, Buddha, Allah, Krishna or Santa Claus. People always need to believe in something good and hope for the best.

I even understand that religious mediators and the state tend to use this belief in their own interests, for it is easier to manage. True, now they have to get rabbits out of the hat all the more difficult.

Many people today can tell scammers from kashrut or halal not only how and what to eat to be healthy, but also to explain many other things that these magicians either try to sell for centuries for money or do not know themselves at all.

Just do not tell me now that by my statements I insult the feelings of believers. Today, insulting the feelings of believers sounds about the same as insulting the feelings of supporters of MLM.

If a person believes in something, then I believe that his faith can not be offended. It can only be strengthened, especially if they try to offend some clowns.

So, now I want to say about why I believe in the crypto. For me, the crypto is the future, it’s new technologies, it’s education and development.

Therefore, when some clowns paid for by banks try to tell tales. I understand them perfectly. These tales can be told to “TV people”, but not to me.

I’m completely unimportant in the course of bitcoins or falls. I also do not care where, in what country crypto was banned or otherwise allowed. I understand perfectly well that this is an attempt to not order, but to manipulate the topic for its own purposes.

Therefore, no one can prevent me from believing in crypto and I understand very well what exactly this is for me.

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