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Today in our review, another crypto social network, called, whose domain already tells a lot.

By the way, onG reduction is nothing more than OneName Global, that is, a well-known platform created yet in 2014. Thus, this service has a clear advantage over other similar projects, because is a proven website already used by thousands of community members.

This is how the creators themselves position this cryptosocial network: “… is a blockchain based social dashboard that provides ease of control for both central-decentralized social media networks and that also supports community building and social interaction with cryptocurrency rewards.”

But in addition to the ambitious idea of ​​reward for the eradication of fake news, in the very near future it is planned to introduce other material incentives for activity, which of course also means great prospects for the coin onG.

And now a few words about earnings on this platform. To begin with, you can see the training video that is on the site, and then just start to take action.

According to the already existing scheme, neither should occur in the following order: 1. Register on the site 2. Choose any of the Cool Campaigns (Ong Blog button) 3. Share in social media 4. Get paid 5. Multiply your earnings

Charges are already occurring, but I repeat, the organizers plan to introduce several more options for earning a crypto currency.

Thus, our list of crypto social networks is replenished simply by a rapid pace. Personally, I, for today, closely monitor almost a hundred projects, and 13 of them are in the active work of our group @CryptoSocio at Telegram.

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