As we agreed earlier, in the course of the development of @CryptoSocio, we will analyze all sorts of additional tools, tips and features of the functional that to move forward successfully.

One of the most common tools is booster. In short, the boosters in cryptosystems are (provided by functional or unintended) methods, as well as tools, to increase the reward for content, activity or power of voice (influence).

Let’s first figure out what it means foreseen or unintended. The matter is that boosters require additional investments. If we talk about traditional networks, then they can often find all kinds of paid methods in order to receive even greater rewards.

In cryptosystems on the side, if we take, for example, Steemit or Golos, users themselves sometimes create such methods. They write some scripts, write programs, create funds, discuss, etc. That is, in such networks there can be as many boosters, official or unofficial.

What does “official” mean in this case? If users agree themselves, then in which situations do they not agree? Well, for example, the upvote of the social network Busy, which is built on the blockchain of Steemit, increases the reward and it can also be considered a booster.

I will not write about bots in this article, because I personally do not use them. I do not think that everything is “clean” with them. However, I am always ready to discuss it. But first of all, I would like to get the opinion not users, but of developers or owners of crypto networks.

If I, for example, use the official booster on Minds, then I understand that this suits those who reward for activity. With bots, I do not understand much.

Answering the question about whether to pay or not to pay for boosters, I want to say that everyone decides here himself. I personally prefer to pay if it is an official booster, or the developers do not object to its use. Especially in the case that you decide to work seriously with a particular platform.

But first of all, you should study thoroughly the work of each project. Then the booster will have a much greater effect.

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