What is going on at crypto social network market?

My colleagues in the project @CryptoSocio (which works as a group in Telegram) often ask this question. First of all, of course, they are interested in the list of those 100 websites, of which I often mention them. Only the whole point is that this list is constantly growing and there are many more cryptonetworks now. And there will be more. You can not even doubt it. And the more people will understand that TV is evil, and Facebook is not evil, but it does not pay for activity, but only earns, the more users will join the world of crypto social networks.

Of course, in a short review it is impossible to mention all the projects, but at least I will try to describe the picture as I see it. It is possible that thanks to your additions and comments, it will become even clearer.

Speaking about general trends, I want to say, that more and more projects are moving to crypto currency today in order to reward users for their activity, for posting new content and for distributing targeted information.

Basically, of course, we are talking about blockchain-platforms, but it is quite possible that for some time there will be other cryptonetworks that have not yet switched to this system.

In this regard, Steemit certainly looks like an empire, with a huge number of related clans, which includes Golos, Busy, Steepshot and some other projects. In turn, Golos itself already has branches in the form of GoldVoice, Cpeda, etc. It is interesting that this is also not a complete list and, for example, the start of Japanese Alismedia and other related projects is expected in the nearest future.

If you talk about those crypto networks that have greatly strengthened their positions recently, you can name Zonto, Sola, Ong and some others that pay users for various actions with their own crypto currency, or, Yours, which uses Bitcoin Cash or PR.network, which uses MOBI.

I hope that Minds, Bitlanders, Galactikka and some other social networks will be more actively integrating with the crypto currency and will begin to work more actively with it. Otherwise, it is difficult for them to gain leadership positions on the Internet.

Also I want to say a few words about business social networks. Here you may also find many real leaders and imaginary. The real projects include Zenduja, Futurnet, Empowr, to the imaginary ones – Contynet with administration and support service, which I can not establish contact for a long time, although I have made a deposit into this project.

There are also a lot of new projects of different directions, but they all need to remember all the difficulties that the most important leader of this industry is experiencing today – the Bitconnect project.

There are several other sites that seem to work with crypto currency, and reward users for activity, but they do it very sluggishly. Now I mean Coinpole, Coinsns and others.

Recently, there are many crypto social networks that focus on video and photo content. In this sense, you can call Viuly, Selfllery, Memeus and some others.

Also, there are more sites that have already entered the market or have already worked with a crypto currency during the ICO, but have not yet decided on exactly how to act in relation to users rewards.

Now I just name a few social networks, and then with your help or with the help of the administration of these projects it will be easier for us to identify them in any category. These are such projects as CryptoSocial, SocialX, KoCurrency, Investfeed, Heartbout, Indorse, Earn and some others. By the way, recently I can not get on Scryptio, where Metamask reports about phishing activity.

Once again I repeat – this is a very brief overview of those projects that are already quite active in the market today. In my testing list I really have much more than a hundred of them and the list is almost every day, replenished. I hope that it will become even more complete and accurate with the help of your comments.

In addition, our project @CryptoSocio now has a specialization, that is, each of the participants in the nearest future will specialize in any one crypto social network. I hope that this will help to make a more complete picture of what is going on today in this very interesting and promising market.

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