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Someone might say that I hurried with Minds, because this social network can not yet be called crypto. But many users know that very soon this project will completely switch to crypto currency, which will be called Minds.

Recently, the following message was published by the administration of the network:

“… As of January 29, 2018 at 5:00 pm EST, we have taken a snapshot of your Points balance to establish a basis for your Minds Beta Token reward. The amount we have captured for your account has been sent to your associated email address. If you have unsubscribed to our emails, don’t worry, your balance has also been captured. Any Points activity that occurs after the time of this snapshot will not impact your reward … ”

you should agree that this is good news and therefore in our the list of crypto-social networks Minds is already present.

If we talk very briefly about the social network itself, we can say that the principle of its operation is very similar to the well-known Steemit, which today is the undisputed leader of this direction.

The founder and CEO of the project Minds is Bill Ottman and you can confidently say that this project has someone to develop and there is someone to worry about.

In addition, today Minds has a fairly serious and united management team and a huge army of users. Most likely, after the full introduction of the Minds token, there will be much more users.

Bonuses that are transferred to tokens in this social network are charged for almost any activity, which is an obvious advantage over the Steemit project. But how the events will develop further and whether everything will happen by the same rules, when the project will completely go to its tokens is still unknown.

This is not the last advantage of Minds. It is possible that you already know about this, but if not, I will remind you. In this project, there is (at least for now) a partnership program. Therefore, if you have not yet registered with Minds, then you can easily go this link and register in this, now you can say, crypto social network.

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