I’ll tell you how it happens and even show you some last masterpieces. I have already told you about on the pages of my blog and even showed some photos, but did not understand that it was – the System.

And now it’s all in order. This is how my wonderful and beautiful city of Haifa looks like.


I specifically showed it to you so that you correctly understood the logic of events. And now, as they say: “Attention to the screen!” Now i will show you a few more ptctures and you will understand everything yourself. There will not be any comments, I will only mention a few words about the places.


This is the Children’s Art School in Haifa.


This is the City Museum.


This is a cafe for people. I almost wrote it – “for dogs”.


This is an exhibition in the Japanese Museum.


This is again the Haifa City Museum, but in a few months.


And finally, the freshest. It is a ballet concert from Jerusalem.

And now you can comment on yourself and think everything you want. But do not forget one important point. I am writing about thit now. And now you are reading it, aren’t you?

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