As you may have guessed, today we will talk about money. I can not say that now I’m pleased to talk about this, because there is nothing to talk about, but I promised to do it to the participants of the @CryptoSocio project (in Telegram). And since we have not decided on the final list of these participants, I publish this report for everyone. It is possible that it is someone who is reading these lines now is thinking about joining. A little bit later I will tell about how it can be done now and how it can be done in the future.

Let me remind you what is at stake. The project @CryptoSociohas started in early 2018. I personally had a goal – to become a whale in all major crypto social networks. What for? This is another matter. But you can find in my blog articles “Crypto Blogging as a Profession”, and at the same time and “About CryptoSocio project” and there will be answers to most of your questions.

So now I will give you the picture that is available at the moment, and then I will make some clarifications and additions to the report itself, and the necessary explanations for the further development of the CryptoSocio project.

So, the list of crypto social networks in which I participate at the moment is as follows.

(Detailed information is presented for paticipants of CryptoSocio project only)

Total: 5797 $ (in dollars, so that everyone could understand)

Explanations to the report:

1. In each paragraph of the first local crypto currency is indicated, and then its equivalent in dollars. The letter (p) means that the project has a partner program.

2. By the time the project began, in the GOLOS and STEEMIT projects, I already had about $ 2000, so only $ 3797 can be considered a net salary.

3. As you can see far from everywhere, today you can determine the amount of money earned. There are several reasons for this. But I hope in the future everything will turn out. Otherwise, I will remove the dubious crypto social networks from the list.

Explanations to the CryptoSocio project:

1. As the first month of work showed, there is no need for a large number of participants for its normal functioning and development. The most optimal number can be a figure of 30 people.

2. As you know, at the moment, there are 89 participants in the @ CryptoSocio group in Telegram. Until the end of this month, that is until February 28, 2013 we will determine who will remain in the group after this date, the rest will be deleted (or new participants added at their request), since no more than 10 people work and work constantly. After that, the group will be closed to outsiders.

3. Those who want to follow our path, I think, will have many opportunities. Most likely, that after the end of the project (we plan to finish its main stage by September 1, 2016), many participants of the main group will have their own training groups.

4. I already have my own training group. It is located there in Telegram and is called @ CryptoSocio2 and those who wish to learn can join it today. The training will be free, but with one condition – registration only on my referral links, which are listed with the letter (p) on the site in this article.

There will be many more clarifications and additions. But all of them will be made in the group @ CryptoSocio in Telegram

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